purr's cottage

Mechanically Modified Nihilist

i got worms goin'
wild in my toolshed

A grumpy old beast
Rises from the murk
Begone! Begone!
A booming voice resounds
None shall ever enter
This creature’s holy grounds

as you enter, you inhale the grassy scent of freshly brewed mint tea. there are a few open windows, next to which floral printed curtains gently flap in the breeze that wafts inside. you notice that a kettle on the stovetop is piping hot, suggesting that whoever lives here must be somewhere nearby, however, the only thing in sight that's close to 'living' is a scruffy, white dog plush sitting politely atop the couch.

this webpage serves no purpose other than to provide me with a place to compile my thoughts and to practice using code. enjoy your stay!

my hobbies

  • drawing
  • i have been drawing for as long as i can remember. it's very relaxing for me, but sometimes i can get frustrated if things aren't turning out the way i imagined.
  • paracosms and imaginary companions
  • my obsession with the fantasy worlds, people, and creatures of my own creation started in early childhood. it's easy for me to get lost in my imagination because it distracts from the boredom and loneliness of real life.
  • watching youtube and streams
  • a.k.a. my daily dose of parasocial interaction. listening to videos/streams helps keep my mind off unpleasant things when i'm trying to sleep, too!
  • video games
  • they may be unproductive, but at least i feel something when i'm playing a good game.

« Sinister Title »

at its core, a story about bullying, loneliness, and life with AvPD.
on the surface, a revenge tale following the adventures of an autistic swordsman seeking vengeance against his mercenary and assassin 'friends' who betrayed him.

i doubt it will go anywhere, but i've been writing and creating art for this story for a long time.

the ranting of a wrathful hermit


  • my digital art
  • monhun megaquiz w/ N

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April 1, 2021

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look up at the night sky and think of the words you want to send — there is a good chance that i will receive them in a dream.