hi, and welcome to my site!

i'm not good at writing introductions, but here's a little about me:

my name is gwyn (or purr), and i use she/her pronouns. my favorite hobby is drawing, but i'm not a pro! i have many original characters (OCs) that i incorporate into my art and writing.

i love to take care of animals and have had many pets over the course of my life. here are some pictures of them!

i'm really shy, so social encounters are difficult for me. it's okay to contact me if you want to chat, but please be understanding.

drawing, roleplaying games, hot tea, good erasers, detective stories, fuzzy robes, animals.

politics, loud people/noises, parking lots, cities, food that is too sweet.
comfort characters

dell conagher // team fortress 2

gordon freeman // half-life

gundham tanaka // sdr2

lt. columbo // columbo

motoko kusanagi // ghost in the shell